All in the name of Beauty

Ardell Lashes AmazonOne of my favorite things in the world are eyelashes or falsies (you chose). Who doesn’t love eyelashes? I believe lashes when applied correctly; the right length, thickness and color allow your eyes to pop! I remember the first time I had lashes applied. It was my senior year of high school (1991). I went to an old salon in Columbus, OH called, Sir Mr. Kee. With a name like that I’m sure you can imagine what my lashes looked like when Mr. Kee finished lol! Me and my long time teenage friend Renee researched the notion of having false eyelashes applied. We called and made appointments. To our surprise this was only going to cost us $15!

Arriving at my appointment Mr. Kee asked me to choose the length of lashes he would apply. I still get butterflies in my stomach as I remember that moment. Mr. Kee had a display with several packs of the Ardell individual brand lashes. I opted for the Short Black. After discussion with Renee we thought this would be the most natural looking to our own lashes and of course Mr. Kee agreed. I sat down in a salon/barber style chair that reclined back. Mr. Kee opened the first pack of Ardell lashes and a small slender glass bottle of eyelash adhesive. Mr. Keys than took a square piece of aluminum foil and poured out some of the adhesive unto the foil. With tweezers and a fresh orange wood stick in hand the magic began. Well at least that’s what I imagined would happened.

The adhesive smell was so strong! My eyes watered profusely. I could barely keep them open. Mr. Kee kept asking me repeatedly to open my eyes. Tears streaming down my face and nose running… All in the name of beauty!  My eyes fluttering uncontrollably because of the unfamiliar objects I see blocking my vision and the fumes! OMG the fumes lol! Mr. Kee remained patient however made sure he mentioned several times, “They won’t dry evenly”.  15-20 minuets later my lashes were complete.  It seemed like it was longer than that! It may have been because I couldn’t keep my eyes open (smile). The whole pack of individual lashes… I loved it!

It wasn’t a special occasion, you know like Homecoming or Prom. It was just because.  My family teased me because I kept batting my lashes. Not for the attention, but because they were heavy and I wasn’t use to them! I’ve since moved to the strip lashes. They are easier to apply and they don’t cause nearly as much irritation as the individuals did. I am totally addicted to them. I will look for them in any store I’m shopping in; Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Amazon, Sally’s you name it I will stop to shop for my lashes! Lol, that sounds like a T-Shirt.

Now I’m sure some my read this and think. WTH! Fumes, eyes watering and excessive blinking. Sounds a bit extreme? It is… All in the name of beauty.

Don’t judge me (smile).

What is your one beauty item you can’t be without? I would love to hear about some of your antics! Leave a comment. I’m looking forward to reading them. Do you have a secret love for lashes? View this Youtube video for a simple tutorial on how to apply your own Ardell Lashes.

Photo Credit: Ardell

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2 thoughts on “All in the name of Beauty

  1. Love this story!!!

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