My Top 5 Reasons Why I Dislike Apartment Living

I’ve lived here in the Philadelphia area for 2 years and my relocation to the Northeast has been everything I’ve wanted and then some.  I was able to relocate with a place to live graciously given to me by a dear friend, employment and friends that are my family. Like every house guest the time comes when you have to move on and establish your own humble abode.  Whoo Hoo!! Do you know what that means?  Yes! Shopping, one of my favorite past times. This time it’s not the compulsive type like when you’re at the checkout line and you grab 3 packs of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups & the bag of Chetos just because, but the planned out, budgeted, color coordinated, wearing your comfy shoe’s, multiply trips to Target and few hits on Amazon shopping! The kind of shopping I like!

Now let’s get back to rant at hand! My second year into my rental lease and I’ve made my mind up its time to go.  Only this time not as much store front shopping is required. My love for thrifty, hand-me-down, you’re not going to throw that away finds have me sitting very comfortable to say the least.

© | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

© | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Let’s look at my top 5

5.            Noise Levels: In my few years of apartment living I’ve come to recognize I’m the loud tenant. There have been occasions where the noise levels did become a little irritating to say the least. However it was short lived. Everyone in my building is young professionals and students. So I understand having the friends and family over can become exciting and loud from time to time.

4.            Parking: I haven’t had any major issues with not having a space to park in; however the manner in which my neighbors’ park in the space provided has raised an eyebrow or two.  Another Tenant and I were going out to lunch and I had to pull out of my parking space to let her in my car.  One of our neighbors parked so close to my car there was no way she could have gotten in. Almost like the Kia Sorento Commercial. My car in not dent or ding free, but it’s my car!

3.            Moving: Who likes to move? The excitement of change and the freshness of new sites and surroundings give you something to look forward too. But let’s be honest, no one enjoys the packing / unpacking, asking your family and friends to help you move or the cleaning process. I remember my first move from my parents’ home in Ohio. My father said, “Damn how many pairs of shoes do you have? This doesn’t make any sense!” Needless to say my first move was only a few blocks from my parents’ home. Not much has changed in regards to the shoe game, but the distance now has increased hundreds of miles.

2.            Garbage /Recycling: In one of my earlier post I share with you all my desire to recycle my garbage. Well if you remember the Blue Recycle bin wasn’t getting picked up. What I found out later from doing some research and contacting the City, larger apartment communities are charged a fee for the recycle pick-up. The Blue Recycle bin was filled by me and neighbors only for the maintenance team to dump it into the large garbage bin for disposal. I did reach out to my management team to discuss options regarding recycling. The response wasn’t favorable. There a fees that are passed on to the tenants and this could be one of them, however the rate we are paying for this community I don’t believe my neighbors would be as excited as I am in starting this new lifestyle.

1.            Smoking Neighbors: This by far is the absolute worst thing I can say about my experience in apartment living. I have several neighbors who smoke.  It’s sad because as I mentioned to you in bullet #5 all who live in my unit are young professionals and students. The smoke that billows from their apartment seeps into my place throughout the night. Causing my allergies to react with congestion, itchy watery eyes and coughing! This has alarmed me to the point I’ve sought out medical attention and the reason for this post.  Second Hand Smoke is a real threat for adults, children and pets. I’ve priced Air Purifiers and I have informed the management team the ventilation in my unit is horrible!

This Saturday morning as I finish this post, I have a list of 3 apartments I am going to visit. I am armed with a list of my wants and needs. Say a prayer for me in hopes I find my ideal place equipped with amazing closet space, natural light, well ventilated rooms and friendly, conscious neighbors who understand recycling is a lifestyle and not a punishment. If you know of a place let me know. My lease isn’t up for until August but I wanted to get the process well underway.

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