The RE-Birth of a “PG”

Recognize you’re potential and unleash your inner “PG”. I first heard this acronym used by friends posting back and forth on Facebook and commenting on each others pictures, statuses and posts. PG was born! It caught on quickly! We all used it. Everyone we knew was a PG (we only associate with PG’s). I can remember answering my phone with Juanita on the other end saying, “Hey PG! I miss you.” Or commenting on a picture in a FB album saying, “PG, take a picture of your shoes! I need to see them too!!”

Finally you ask, what does PG mean? Pretty Girl, we all know her. We see her every where. She stands next to us at the checkout line. We’ve eyed her at our job. We have even seen her at the gym we workout in. We go to church with her. We’ve might even have had an attitude with her. We seen her and wondered, “Is her bag real?” or “how does she manage work, school and family?” She’s a sister, friend, mother & wife. She’s “that one”… you know. As you continue reading…  The PG is you.

What I’ve come to realize there are so many who don’t recognize their PG status. Knowing who you are & who’s you. Our identity has been fogged with images less than empowering or encouraging through various media forums. Beauty starts within. It begins with you embracing that small voice and making it a big loud voice. What is your voice saying to you? Have you listened for it? Grab that small thing and magnify it!

I’ve recently started cooking. That was a tiny whisper no one, not even myself could hear or wanted to hear for that matter. I would often see and hear my family and friends in the kitchen mixing and preparing ensembles of aromas, colors and tastes. I could only imagine that coming from my own kitchen.

I tried my hand at a home made pound cake. Recipe courtesy of Power Mommy

However, I’m not ready to prepare my own holiday dinner with family and friends. But I can handle a small dinner party of 3 or 4.

Hey PG, make your pretty Beautifully LOUD! Listen to your small voice and turn up the volume.

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