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I have always had a passion to help the community I’m apart of. This passion was sparked in Columbus, OH where I was a member of the

Greater Linden Advisory Council, Homework Help Center at the Linden Library and the I Know I Can  program.  My love for the youth and children along with community growth was planted by my Pastor Gerald Rice of Judah Christian Community.  He gave me the foundation that is still sustaining my walk with God, family and my purpose to teach and share.

My stay in Florida did not allow for much community activism outside of the church I was apart of.  However the flicker was there and remained strong. Though once relocating to the Northeast I was able to witness many people with a purpose in their heart, and they were acting on it.  Seeing this passion rekindled something that I hold dear.

Last Wednesday ( 2/6/2013) I attended an environmental meeting at Weavers Way Market. Weavers Way is Coop Market in Northwest Philly in the Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill neighborhoods. The environmental committee (WWEC) meet every first Wednesday of the month to discuss issues within the Market, the Community and Nationally. This small group consists of a former Yogic Nun, several authors, passionate community leaders and fiery women and men who want to make a significant change in the world. We discussed how to take care of our communities presently and in the future.

The amazing thing about this group, they have a voice that is being heard!  We discussed issues concerning the labeling/signage in the WW markets to ensure the shoppers are aware of the eco-viability; that is the health and sustainability of fish and produce. You know, encouraging you to read the labels and making it easy to do so.

Yearly WWEC provides grants in amounts of $100 – $400 to community gardens and environmental forums that are geared towards preserving and the sustainability it bears in the community. If you know of a group or organization that may need funds send them HERE. The deadline to enter your application is March 15, 2013.

Climate changes have brought huge concerns to Americans; so much that there is a rally this February 17th in our Nation’s Capital. Thousands of supporters will be traveling across the US to attend the largest Climate rally in history. Members of WWEC and other environmental groups will be taking charter buses, trains and carpooling to attend this protest.  Click on the hash  tag to learn more about what is being done. #Forwardonclimate

I’m excited to be apart of such a group! I’m looking forward to the new things I will be learning & sharing and want to encourage local readers to come out next month.  If you want more information about the Coop and the environmental group post a question on their Facebook page.

**This was a re post from an earlier blog entry**

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