Life With Demetra & Tropical Traditions

Trapical Tradtions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

First let me give a huge shout out to Life With Demetra and Tropical Traditions for sponsoring an amazing contest! The winner of the contest won a gallon of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.  Those of you who have natural/transitioning  tresses or if your into herbal/natural health, you know the usage for Coconut Oil is endless! If you have no idea how awesome coconut oil is I encourage you to read this article,The Amazing Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil. There’s a long list of health benefits associated with this oil you will be amazed!

Entering the contest I really didn’t think I would be the winner! Reading some of the comments I thought,  “This person really has a plan.” or “How cool it would be to cook or even make hair products with it?” I made my comment and thanked both Demetra and Tropical Traditions because the winner of this was going to have a blast with all of their creations a gallon of coconut oil will produce. That’s a gift that keeps on giving!

A few days maybe even a week later I was notified by Demetra on Twitter that I was the winner! The Winner

How flipping cool is that?

Let me tell you I was and still am very excited! I’ve been looking up recipes both for my cosmetic interests as well as my edible indulgences. Tropical Traditions has tons of recipes to get you started. This was helpful because I am not savvy when it comes to creating those mouth watering delicacies I love to nibble on.

I sent Demetra my address right away. Tropical Traditions emailed me soon after with my confirmation number and tracking information for deliver. I didn’t want to take a chance in missing the delivery, so I sent an email to change my delivery address to my job. Tropical Traditions customer service was excellent. They responded quickly and my delivery wasn’t delayed.

I finally opened my box of Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil and let me tell you! I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of this contest! I didn’t realize how much a gallon would be until I opened the box to see the container. I have endless possibilities to create pretty! My first project is going to be Chewy Granola Bars Yum!!
Visit Tropical Traditions and subscribe to their email news letter. There’s tons of specials and they offer many options for those health conscious PG’s.

Trapical Tradtions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil

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