Hey! I’m Keyana, Lead Consultant for PrettyGirlsRecycle.com. An online boutique where I provide ReStyled urban-vintage Blog Pic Collage1garments & other tools to empower eco-friendly & fashion forward women of ALL backgrounds in Philadelphia and surrounding cities. This blog is where I share “The Pretty Ugly” of a PrettyGirl. Daily antics of my expressions of love, what if’s, let downs, and those things I simply can’t live without.

Let me also mention I believe it’s OUR responsibility to save our plant and the natural resources within. Recycle!  I don’t have any children but I hope to one day and with that being said I want them to have clean air to breath, trees to play hide n seek behind and an ocean to swim in.

If you have a question about PrettyGirls Recycle email me at: keyanajackson@prettygirsrecycle.com

Pretty Girls, we Recycle!


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